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How to get

Home of the wanted and the unwanted! Or so goes a popular saying in these parts. Zancudo sometimes has the feeling of being at the end of the earth, Central Americas version of the South Seas. Hot, sultry and resplendent. I don't think there are any other colours of green possible!

Select from a range of transport options:


Sansa Air to Golfito and then from Golfito you can get here by boat or by car. The Sansa flight is in a small prop plane and is a wonderful flight over the jungles and coast with a bank to the left landing in Golfito, that will let you know you’re now truly traveling! We can arrange transportation from Golfito to our resort for a fee.


from San Jose is a 5/12 hour drive.




Van for transportation use to Pavones/ Golfito

Swimming Pool

What's nearby
Playa Zancudo - 1 min walk
Rio Coto Mangroves - 1 min walk
Playa Pavón - 5 min drive

Pavones Beach - 34 min drive 

Golfito Marina - 69 min drive

Getting around
Golfito (GLF) - 71 min drive

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